About ComeSys


Since its establishment in 1990, our company has succeeded in domesticating electronic accelerator pedals using non-contact Hall Effect sensors, contributing to cost savings for domestic customers. Based on this success, we have supplied products to a wide range of markets, including industrial vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, buses, golf carts, and other special vehicles.

In 2003, we established ComeSys Europe in the Durham region of the United Kingdom to pioneer the European market, and through friendly business cooperation with world-class vehicle parts companies in Europe and the United States, we secured a foothold in the After Market and OEM markets. In addition, by completing a factory in Jiangsu province, China in 2010, we solidified our position in the global accelerator pedal market by supplying to major customers in the Asian region.

Building on the legacy of our founder, Dr. Lee Hyo-moon, we are constantly striving for research and development, quality improvement, and the highest level of delivery to realize "customer-centered management" as our motto and provide the best value to our customers.​
[Standard Products or Custom Design]
ComeSys not only suggests products that are currently being supplied to meet various customer demands, but also provides the most effective and economical solutions through our application engineers.
  1. A wide range of hardware modeling experience, with 3D design and fast prototyping
  2. Experienced program design team (In-House)
  3. EMC test equipments in Korea (In-House)
  4. Environmental testing equipments to conduct vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, salt spray and other tests (In-House)
  5. Highly accelerated life test and stress screening (HALT/HASS) facilities to vali­date product reliability during development
Global Footprint
ComeSys has local production facilities in China as well as its headquarters in South Korea, and is committed to customer satisfaction through over 30 networks in Europe, the United States, and Japan.

Why Choose Us?
In collaboration with our clients, we believe in ddeveloping technology-based method. All of our products are custom-built in accordance with customer's needs applications. From design to mass-production, we aim for the right solutions.

Our products are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949. Our dedication to the quality of design and production is the cornerstone of our business, ensuring the durability of our products over whole process.