About ComeSys


Since its establishment in 1990, ComSys has provided solutions for Mobile and Industrial Applications. These include forklifts, construction equipments, agricultural machinery, buses, golf carts, Harbor tractors, ships, and special vehicles. We are an outstanding provider for electronic throttle pedals, hand controls, joysticks, sensors for commercial on- and off-highway equipment and heavy trucks to further counter the long-term movement to achieve greater fuel efficiency and decreased emissions. We also supply small controllers for vehicles, such as UTVs and forklifts.

Over 30 years with proud history, ComeSys is a global player that delivers good-engineered, excellent function products and services to the industrial, commercial, marine and agricultural market. We have a long history of delivering reliable solutions through trustworthy customer partnerships, building on the legacy of Dr. HM Lee, who is the founder and former director of ComeSys.
Standard Products or Custom Design
Most of our components can be listed directly from the catalog for certain items available from inventory. This approach serves current standard product consumers and can also help the fast assessment of a technology while designing custom prototypes for OEM customers.

We allow idea share to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective product solution to suit your own application by using our application engineering experience with your design team.
  1. A wide range of hardware modeling experience, with 3D design and fast prototyping
  2. Experienced program design team (In-House)
  3. EMC test equipments in Korea (In-House)
  4. Environmental testing equipments to conduct vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, salt spray and other tests (In-House)
  5. Highly accelerated life test and stress screening (HALT/HASS) facilities to vali­date product reliability during development
Global Footprint
ComeSys has a worldwide presence, with Korea and China designing and manufacturing. This is supported by our own distribution with a network of members in other countries in the U.S., Europe, Japan and China.
Why Choose Us?
In collaboration with our clients, we believe in ddeveloping technology-based method. All of our products are custom-built in accordance with customer's needs applications. From design to mass-production, we aim for the right solutions.

Our products are accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949. Our dedication to the quality of design and production is the cornerstone of our business, ensuring the durability of our products over whole process.