ComeSys has a wealth of experienced design engineers focused fully on key products in the market. We leads the industry across multiple market sectors by using the latest CAD/CAM tools for design and in-house facilities for thorough testing of mechanical and electrical parameters.
Technology Development
We has a plan of actively exploring and introducing innovative technology that can have an impact on automated operator controls and vehicle control systems. Before being released for integration into product development systems, emerging technologies are completely designed and tested.
Product Development
By being extremely attentive to each customer specific needs, we have built an outstanding role in a variety of markets. Our R&D team is capable of develop specialized products that are delivered efficiently and on schedule, aligning this principle with cutting-edge technologies, such as fast prototyping.

To develop reliable products, ComeSys work in collaboration with our OEM customers. Our R&D team is up for the challenge, whether it is customizing a current product to best serve an application, or designing brand new ideas to address a customer's requirement. To decide what is necessary for a good result, our engineers will collaborate closely with your team.

We recognize that cutting-edge technologies need state-of-the-art-tethods and analysis. We have some methods of analysis and some systems we do when making your products:
  1. Inventor® CAD software
    PADS® – electrical PCBA design and layout  
  2. Product data management system
  3. Finite element analysis
  4. Non-linear and motion analysis
  5. TolStack analysis – tolerance stack up analysis with Monte Carlo analysis for defects per million spring design software
  6. MoldFlow from Autodesk® – ensure best practices before the model is sent to the toolmaker
  7. FMEA Pro from Dyadem®
  8. Risk analysis design and process
  9. Agile Advantage® – Automated engineering change system, PPAP documents, quality documents
  10. Altium® – electrical PCBA design and layout 
DFMEA:  Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Safety-critical products are developed and manufactured by ComeSys. We deal truly seriously with it, and systematic processes have been conducted to evaluate each specification for possible threats to the final operation.
  1. Identify threats in our product design or manufacturing
  2. All components of a design are evaluated with cross functional teams for common failure modes
  3. Identify the end result for the application and seriousness
  4. Confirm fault prevention or identification
  5. Test plan established by DFMEA
  6. Changes in design can result from research
  7. Throughout the PLC, this manual is regularly reviewed.
To forecast the success of our goods in the market, we use analysis methods. To validate design principles, we also use research correlated to our laboratory test results. The following analyses and methods allow us to shorten the duration of the development and reduce repeated testing:
  1. CE-Mark, E-Mark
  2. OEM's Environmental and Electrical specification
  3. Circuit simulation
  4. Design review with project management
  5. Specification and regulatory review
  6. DFMEA and PFMEA
  7. REACH compliance in design and manufacturing